Monday, December 10, 2012

Whatever Happened to…Tim Fish?

Compelled to draw Aggie's demise despite tears and snot. 


Don’t be alarmed, it’s really me, posting to my nearly-defunct sketchblog to the delight of my 73 followers. It’s been Over a year since my last post, and perhaps you’ve wondered where I’ve been?

Exiting 2011, I wasn’t having fun doing comics or drawing, so I stopped. I was travelling a lot for my day job early 2012, and then in March, I had to put my poor dog Aggie to sleep. I was sad for some time, and as I emerged from this, my dad and I continued renovating my kitchen. This led to me refinishing furniture over the summer, and then designing & building furniture in the fall.

In that sense, I never stopped being productive or creative, and have emerged with some custom furniture commissions. Yay!  

I also didn't attend a single comic book convention or festival in 2012. First time I had a con-free year in over a decade! I finally began to miss drawing, and I tried drawing a page or two on my half-finished "baby" OGN. It was awful! My line quality had gone to shit. I stopped page-drawing in lieu of practicing in my sketchbook.

As I was getting back up to speed, I decided to brush up my websites a bit (also unedited in 2012). Done. More soon. So here we go, my sketchblog goal is to catch up the entire year one month. 

Let’s see how it plays out.


Wil said...

Welcome back, Tim! I, too, have a desire to build custom furniture. Do you have any ideas on how to get started with the design process?

Wil said...

Glad to see you are working in the sketchbook, too!

Tim Fish said...

My pieces have been basic case pieces, designed from the inside out (meaning the interior compartments dimensionally meet my needs) and then made to look nice afterward. I'll post about the built-in storage unit I designed and co-built as well as my stand-alone furniture. I haven't worked up to chairs yet. :-\