Monday, December 10, 2012

Old School Titans, Expanded

You may or may not recall the drawing of the early '70s Teen Titans from earlier posts. Along the way, I did commissions of Lilith & Gnaark, Mal & Bumblee, and Tula. With some fun time in Photoshop, they are all layered together for a full-team shot. Honestly, I know Tula guest-appeared, but I don’t know when she was waived in as a member.

FYI, I've made custom Mego action figures of the Titans, and in the recent past, remade their packaging. Let's see if I expand this image to include the Joker's Daughter, Bumblebee, Golden Eagle, or Flamebird—or Bat-Girl (I made them both). 

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Cosmic Lad said...

That's a really cool Titans pic!
Thanks for sharing it!