Friday, December 28, 2012


Oh, how I envied Xavier for having a direct flight to Lyon.

We had flown RyanAir from Bruxelles to Edinburgh, but I was flying Aer Lingus home via Dublin. Even though my flight was leaving before Xavier's, I think he arrived home before I left Dublin. No matter, I was able to get some inking in.

You always see something at an airport. This time, we saw a professional football club boarding at the gate next to mine.

And then, a little mystery solved: We each noticed a fellow delayed by security; he was annoyed, and the security officer was oddly reassuring saying something to the effect of, "it's just not usually done this way." As we saw the same fellow boarding for Belfast, he was carrying as his carry-on, a stack of loose binders and papers, and other things. Altogether within the limits of a carry-on bag, except no bag. I think that's why he was delayed, because one couldn't run all this stuff through the x-ray machine, loose.

He was definitely having difficulty managing his stack o' crap, and Xavier said, "oh, come on—he might as well be carrying on a lamp, too!" So I had to draw that, even though he actually didn't have a lamp...

Parting, I tried to French good-bye Xavier (kiss on each cheek), and he tried to American good-bye me (hug) which ended up in an awkward collision of kiss on the lips.

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Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

That sure was an ankward good bye but quite funny when you realize that we each tried to do the other's custom.
Back in Lyon, I realise how shitty is our airport transport to the town: 14€ !!! to be in a tram whithout any place to put your baggages, and with a very offensive hostess who, of course, doesn't speak english (welcome to France!). I felt shamefull for all those foreign tourists coming over and seeing this as their first impression of France...