Monday, December 31, 2012

Condo and Lyle TLF

Inspiration is fun!

Instead of posting my planned-for posts yesterday, I was consumed with "research" thanks to GeorgiaUnity's comment that Invisible Kid and Chemical King were gay, and with each other.

So, I dug through my collection and scanned through Adventure Comics #s 374-380, and Action Comics #s 378-392 (basically, from Chemical King's first appearance onward) looking for hints, clues, or anything I could read into.

In his first fight, against Spider-Girl, Chemical King assumes a full bottoming position—sold!

I was also scanning for tales where they were together, or both absent so I could write out an elaborate fanfic of their bittersweet romance. Of course, it has to have all the classic Tim Fish ups and downs, but let's face it, they were both killed in action, so it would be ending poorly no matter what.

In the last issues of their run in Adventure, the Legion stories generally included half or more of the roster, either as focal or background players. Still, there are moments here and there I can work with. The get to know you flirtation time, I guess.

As a backup feature in Action, the shorties generally featured 3-6 Legionnaires, and only once, in the same issue, were they present. I noted the rosters of all these, so I know which other team members would be fair game for my fanfic. Or dare I say, pitch?

I skipped ahead to Invisible Kid's death, but next I need to backtrack to the backup stories in Superboy, then Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes #197-202 before Lyle was crushed by Validus. Then, I'll scan through Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes up to #228 looking for Condo's rare appearances.


GeorgiaUnity said...

Oh. My. Gerdness!

You have single-handedly overhauled all my childhood fantasies in one fell swoop!

Stunningly perfect reveal, my dear!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


Javier said...


I must possess it.

I think the ongoing adventures of these two marginal Legionnaires is a good fit for you. With Condo being the obvious dominant personality in the relationship (but relatively unused by the Legion) who is worshipped by the younger (yet more successful) Lyle.

Very "Young Heroic Bottoms in Love."

There should be one story at least.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Javier has the ages of the two reversed, at least as far as canon goes. But I agree: you need to do these two Legionaries in Love! patrick