Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vintage art: customego box art

I've revealed before that I used to create custom Mego action figures. It started in 1998 after I completed my vintage Mego collecting and I wanted to add the "essential" characters. I'd say realistically, that would have been Green Lantern, Flash (as true Mego oversights) and Black Canary and Scarlet Witch as "you need a better M/F balance."

The list of essentials grew and grew... I made and re-made them as I got better... JLA... JSA...Teen Titans... X-Men... Avengers... villains... obscure characters... it was really addictive. At first I would pull art from comic books for the custom boxes I made. But then I converted fully to my own art.

It was early days for me... still figuring out scanning, coloring, printing. Since the boxes are roughly 3" x 10", the "canvas" is set and since the art is supposed to show basically the character in a pose, it was fun  basic drawing. Here are among my earliest box art renditions of my customs.


Javier said...

Very nice, Would have loved to have seen a Tim Fish Scarlet Witch. She was always so angsty. Would have been a nice fit.

Hmmmm. There is something about the Elongated Man figure though that I can't quite... Hmmmmm.

Tim Fish said...

haha...I'll look for the Scarlet Witch image.

Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

Some of those illustrations are screaming "Walt Simonson" :p
Javier beated me on the Elongated Man drawing.