Monday, December 31, 2012

S/LSH #203 deleted scene 3 of 4

I couldn't remember the chain of events too precisely, and the way issue 203 unfolded presented a few challenges. Invisible Kid's love for Myla is revealed early in the issue, and is crushed to death by Validus at the end. In my favor was the mid-80s storyline featuring the very same "invisible dimension" which if memory serves was filled with demons trying to ensnare Legionnaires to their doom.

However, adding a deleted scene between pages 6 and 7 (which would probably require a page and a half) and a second deleted scene of two pages between pages 12-14 would provide a fuller picture of the homo-friendly version of the attempts to grab Invisible Kid.

But then there's the chat Lyle has with Phantom Girl, who, if you take her reaction at face value, seems to endorse this newfound love. So this deleted scene, also inserted between pages 12-14 solves that, as she contacts Chemical King.

I won't reveal much, but in my head, at this point, Condo is probably struggling with his own insecurities about being a useless Legionnaire and focusing on his career and candle handle all Lyle's lonely clingyness.


GeorgiaUnity said...

Super stuff! Yeah, I figure if there's still war and bias and murder, et al in the 'advanced' future, there'll for dang sure be bigotry and gay-hate, and even super-heroes succumb to it.

Lyle was a scientist; insecure, awkward, and likely reluctant to
own up to feelings that would make him even more an outcast. For those
in the closet, the world is all about fear, and even with super-hip friends, he was overly concerned for losing what he considered the only place he belonged.

People will go to incredible lengths to receive even supreficial love...even denying themselves.

Condo, the more rebellious sort, was an influence...but inner conflict has to be resolved inwardly.

As for the deaths...isn't that how writers of all genres handled gay characters in the old days? "Such a troubled soul...really, death would be a blessing...(tacit subtext, hint hint!!)"

Great stuff...

Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

Love this deleted scene idea!:)I Haven't read a lot of those superboy and the Legion issues, I started after that, when Giffen arrives (I'm going back before that period as time goes by). The "resurrected" Invisible Kid from the Tale sof the Legion area really looked sad and lonely, that would fit with your plans I think :)

Tim Fish said...

yah, I always read Lyle as more lonely than insecure...though he could have been overcompensating. he always seemed on his game as Legion leader.

clearly both have hidden issues...most of the really distinct "characterization" in the series happened after they both died.