Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bruxelles park at night

Xavier insisted we check out this gazebo our first night on arrival in Bruxelles.


Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

Ok, this one is so surrealist I'm not even sure people will understand what happened in my freezing brain.
God it's embarassing.
I really wanted to see the gazeebo (don't ask why). It was dark and ther was all those drapes covering the ground of the gazeebo, but something was under. I'm not sure if there was a chain forbdding you to jump there.
So I was like: "oh, it's cool, those are bumpcars and they use the gazeebo ground to roll" Except they seemed a little too small to be it. (andexcept that's a pretty stupid idea, how would they run n it?).
God...It was so embarassing a moment that was outrageously funny. :)

Tim Fish said...

it was funny and horrific all at the same time! :-)