Thursday, December 20, 2012

One too many?

In my fervor to create storage solutions for me plus a potential partner, I began acquiring Paul McCobb Planner Group furniture, which is a bit modular. So, as my needs change, so can my furniture layout.

Along the way, I ended up acquiring extra pieces which I did not intend to keep, but refinish and resell.

AND I had the idea to pair some pieces up with some custom-built pieces to make a "wall o' storage." Thus, I made several pieces a la McCobb. Upon seeing this massive amount of case pieces, Adam declared that an intervention needed to be staged.

Soon after, I realized my storage wall was dominant and not innocuous, so I gave away the custom-built pieces to a delighted friend who was looking for modular furniture for storage solutions, and I sold off the vintage pieces per my original plan. The end result (after months of furniture shenanigans, acquiring, refinishing, building, selling) was a return to a calm, serene space with ample storage for one, and possibly enough storage for two! 

The drawing in my sketchbook was pencilled by Adam and inked by me. Such collaborations are common. In this case, he meant, "clean it up significantly." It was this sketch, and my attempt at drawing a page of "baby makes three" that convinced me that I could not continue drawing the OGN; that I must spend some real quality time practicing again—as I could barely hold a pen.

Soon after I produced a lovely little sketch of Mrs. Graham, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I knew I would be travelling again soon, which would seal the deal for me getting back into the habit and groove of drawing.

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