Friday, December 21, 2012

So, um...why Lille?

The original plan, as part of Xavier's P.T. goals was to exhibit at the comics festival in Lille...but, it was unceremoniously postponed until March.

Locked into part of the original plan, we ended up spending 2 days in the small charming city in the north of France. Not exactly a tourist hotspot, at least in November, which added to its sadness and its charm.

Lille had lots of pretty old architecture, and pretty mid-century modern architecture. And, its share of cute boys. 

The saddest part was probably the natural history museum which was torn right from 1890, with its 1000s of taxidermic specimens and rocks.

The lovely surprise was the musee de beaux arts, which Xavier and I both loved.

And, it was the super-lean Alexandre with the lip piercing who clued us in about the lit professor at Vice Versa. I have another drawing of Alexandre, which I'll post after I color.  


Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

Oh, I think the amount of picon is closer to 1/6 than 1/4.

On the other side, I think that your estimation on dead birds should be closer to...what....6 000 ?

You forgot to mention that we saw, as a part of a really crappy exposition, a cover of one of the recently released Batman issue by Greg Capullo. It was suppose to have some meaning because it kind of depicted a bat....
I was totally baffled by the sticker "private collection" next to it. Yes, as private as the other 100.000 ones....:p

Tim Fish said...

I didn't forget...I was trying to not be too harsh against the poor museum...but yes, the "anatomies of the bizarre" special exhibit featured some toy mermaids, an issue of Batman, and some taxidermied goats with an extra head or leg. so sad.