Monday, December 17, 2012

Structurally sound

Early in 2012, I designed a wall of storage units to be built-in. Pretty rudimentary in terms of technical drawing, but it was to scale, and the math played out accurately. My dad and I built and installed it all together.

After that, I started refinishing furniture...midcentury case pieces. While looking at them up close and personal, I then began to design and build custom case pieces to fit in the various nooks and crannies.

Simple in design, though functional and structurally sound, I've designed and built 8 pieces. The last 3 were as an experiment to make a wall of modular furniture. I abandoned the idea and gave away the furniture. 

End result, I now have 2 commission jobs for custom cases pieces. Yay! Of course, 99% of the credit goes to my dad, his decades of knowledge, and his extensive wood shop. I take full credit for using the table saw and keeping all 10 fingers intact.

The photo shows the "library" case piece I designed and built from scratch, paired with the island I already had, underneath a new countertop. The color panels are reversible, stained natural maple on the reverse. The piece holds ~ a long box and a half of comic books. A good use of space, since the island was 4' long and the countertop 5' long. The 11" deep "library" works great to fill in the space and offer much-used comic book storage. 

In the background you can see part of the wall of storage I designed and co-built with my dad. Yes, he did 66% of the work. It doesn't look challenging to have designed the space, but I had a mission to house certain large, non-standard things, utilize vintage maple and glass doors, make all the math work and make it look pretty. I did it (IMHO)!

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