Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A gay year for comics: Green Lantern

"Green Lantern is gay!" we heard earlier this year.

Well, not really. 

"Alan Scott [the Golden Age Green Lantern] is gay!" we heard.

Oh wow, being 30 years old in 1940, he's well into his 100s...could work, coming out really late in life. Or, was he retconned as gay (NOTE: in comics, when a character is given a new past history it's referred to as "retcon" or retro-active continuity). Well, no, not really either.

In the new DC Universe, the brand new never been seen before Earth-2 Green Lantern who happens to share the same name as the original Golden Age Green Lantern is gay.

Hrm, Ok. I'll take it.

But get this—regular super-heroes have a penchant for wearing skimpy spandex outfits...regular gay men have a penchant for wearing skimpy outfits of any fabric...and this dude shows up in his comic wearing a skimpy tight t-shirt (maybe I'll color it)...but his super-hero outfit is bulky armor. Not the skimpy green square cuts and red T I drew him in here. Instead of gay fan boys getting to oggle a hot gay hero in spandex, we'll have to keep oggling the straight ones. Oh well. 

Overall, this is a good thing. More soapbox talk later.

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