Saturday, December 22, 2012

The wrong canal, the wrong split

Lovely Brugges!

Not terribly far from Lille, Xavier wanted to visit the fairy tale village in Belgium, known for its chocolate.

We stayed in the charming Hotel Adornes, with a nice owner and nice staff. Our first afternoon was spent at Choco-Story, the chocolate museum. We walked around a bit, rested a bit, and then embarked out to find the hip gay friendly restaurant Xavier read about. 

We were to follow the street until the canal split and then the cafe wouldn't be far.

Sketches and stories of getting lost while walking with Xavier could fill a whole travel journal. No wonder why Jeff lets Xavier go and takes a cab to meet him an hour later.

On the very plus side, we walked off a lot of the chocolate, pastries, and beer that we consumed lots of in Belgium. Xavier estimates we walked 10 kilometers a day, seeing (for the most past) lovely buildings and certainly new sights.


Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

I should be the sponsor of travel maps or joggins shoes. :p

Tim Fish said...

YES! travel maps. and moushoirs.