Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Old ladies

Given the surprising turn of nice weather, I kicked into camera mode for my time in Edinburgh.  Though I am happy to report that I also made time to draw and capture what I could.

I very much wanted to visit "The Georgian House" which is a bit authentic, a bit replica, of a home on one of E'burgh's fashionable squares of yore. I was excited because you could see servants areas as well as the family's.

The house was nice, the little film about it was good, but the experience turned out to be great because of the volunteer tour guides. They really spent a lot of time with each guest.

The kitchen and first floors were staffed by young (under 70 years old) volunteers, but the second floor rooms were staffed by ladies who must have been in their 90s. 

Xavier, an old lady in disguise himself, was in heaven talking to them about tea, tea tables, tea time, tea dishes. After stopping at every shop window with tea-sets featured in Brugges, Bruxelles, and so far in E'burgh, he finally got the tea attention he needed. 

This one little old lady was AMAZING. SO CUTE. Xavier, at 6'4" towered over her. Hell, at 5'11" I towered over her. One of her colleagues handed her a key, to which she replied, "thanks, awfully!" So cute.

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Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

That was heaven. It was like a magic trip, with each old lady presenting her own dimension/room.
We only have bitchy ugly old ladies here in France. Those ones were amazing. I could have married one!