Friday, December 21, 2012

Hardly a pretentious Euro-tour!

In late January of recent years, I've traveled to France for the annual bande dessinnee festival (larger than Comic Con International!). This year, I chose not to, because I felt it inappropriate to leave poor Aggie for that long given her rapidly declining health. Since I had no new book to hype, my primary reason for wanting to go was to see my dear friends. While that is reason enough, it couldn't outweigh my impulse to stay and care for Ags.

I have wanted to go later in the year, particularly to see Xavier, who had been hit by a car (leg broken in several places, ankle badly traction for months, walker for months, crutches for months). But we agreed to do a holiday in November as a physical therapy goal of his (punchline, for those of you worries about Xavier, he did great walking about Belgium and Scotland, and even did a day bike trip to Holland!).

I was excited to see Jeff for a day in Paris. It's always lovely to see him, and this time, the added benefit of seeing him on a Sunday—when the shops were closed. I dragged myself from CDG to Les Halles and found his place with no maps or wrong turns. I was excited I could remember the way! 

Jeff was groggy but managed to convince himself to go shopping. I said, 'I thought the shops were closed?" to which he replied, "Le Marais is always open!" I was filled with dread, because no one can get me to open my wallet like Jeff can. I walked away with a new pair of jeans, a new down-filled jacket, and bag. He's a great shopper.

He delivered me to Gare du Nord to transfer to Lille to meet Xavier after a joyful afternoon in Paris.

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