Thursday, December 27, 2012


I really like travelling abroad for Thanksgiving.

It's such a side step from the parade-watching (meh), football-watching (ugh), over-eating (obv) modern Americanisms as well as my own routine, that the trips serve as really lovely cathartic turning points.

No different this time around in E-burgh.

Eventually I met up with Xavier again, and later still we met up with attorney Euan for Thanksgiving dinner at Under the Stairs. 

When I tourist, I like to do a few tried-and-true cheesy tourist things, explore around on my own and find stuff, and meet locals (while there or beforehand) not only to meet nice people but to get to places off the beaten path.

This is definitely a place we wouldn't have found on our own!  It was cozy and charming. I had a really yummy duck dinner for t-day. While the evening was fun from start to finish, perhaps best of all, Euan gave us spot-on recs for what was to be our final day of tourism in E'burgh.

After the dinner, Euan brought me around the corner from here to what he described as extremely traditional  pub for an extremely traditional shot of whiskey. I'm not a big whiskey drinker, but I enjoyed it.

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