Monday, December 17, 2012


In February, I banged out a one-page Cavalcade of Boys story, for Scarce Magazine's Free Comic Book Day comic. Basically, the only full page of comic book art I've drawn in 2012. The story encapsulated a short-term relationship succinctly and beautifully (I dare say) in a page.

Kick forward to summer, and e-publisher Northwest Press began digitizing my catalog and selling them as e-books via iTunes. The more books posted, the sales increased. Common lesson learned ages ago: if you give a little away for free, then you can sell a lot more. It's the drug dealer business model. So, NWP and I agreed to create some free offering. One will be an extended sampling of Something Fishy This Way Comes, another will be an 8-page mini (which I can give away at comic cons if I choose).

Late summer, I wrote out 7 other one-page ditties, and thumbnailed them out.Similar in style as the one I did for Scarce (telling a relationship in one page) but each represents common reactions/feelings to the failing of a relationship. 

The rough sketch here is the kick-off to a May-December romance, which will be page 7 in the mini, I think. I'll probably start drawing out the pages early in 2013...just late enough that I won't have it in time for Angoulême Festival...but, good news is stilll good news...Cavalcade mini on its way!

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