Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A gay year for comics: Kevin Keller

A solo comics series featuring a gay teenage boy!

This, from Archie Comics—who in the 70s licensed out their characters for a line of right-wing Jesus-y comic series. Archie Comics—who is quickly become the most relevant comics publisher, with inter racial relationships (including a kiss between Archie and Valerie), gay characters, and entertaining off-beat premises aimed to liberal Gen Xers who are buying their kids comics.

So, Kevin, as idealized as Betty and Veronica are, in the adult comics is in the military and married to a man of color. Just like Northstar, just like Green Lantern.

While adding to the sum total of "wow, just like the other publishers," it's very difficult for me to find fault here:

These comics are aimed at 10 year olds. They are bought for and by 10 year olds. They are accepted and enjoyed by 10 year olds. Lots of them. Whether created to be sales-gimmicky or socially relevant, the outcome is the same—a group of kids is cool with sexuality and racial issues and will grow up Ok with homosexuality and inter racial coupling. I applaud you, and I thank you.

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