Monday, December 31, 2012

S/LSH #203 deleted scene 4 of 4

The ending of Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes #203 doesn't make too much sense for the 30th century no need to hide our gay love angle, so the 4th delete scene really only requires one more panel, after Phantom Girl declares how Lyle and Myla can now be together forever, the romance of a lifetime.

So here I tack on a final panel, which puts everything into homo-friendly perspective. 

After this issue, Chemical King makes almost no appearances, as I suppose writers couldn't figure out how to write his powers effectively, and I think he was seen in the hall of dead heroes in a future tale. He died preventing the outbreak of World War VIII.

In my fanfic, he'll be far more tormented by Lyle's death, the fact that they never fully reconciled,  that Lyle was seemingly going bonkers and he wasn't there for him. Plunging into despair, he won't have much to live for and very willingly plays the pivotal role in issue 228.

If you haven't read S/LSH, or #203 in particular, none of this will make much sense to you. Your take-away is that many fans assume Lyle and Condo were a couple, and I am feverishly writing out their romance in my head and sketchbook. :-)


GeorgiaUnity said...

Delusions are a bitch, even a thousand years ahead! Ah, Tinya...I say that you're a dreamer...but you're not the only one!

A single panel eradication of homophobic story suppression and apologists is a really swell end to the year.

Beautiful stuff, Tim!

Xavier Lancel (SCARCE) said...

I just love the Phantom Girl hair clip! Totally her!