Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just looking around...

Climbing down from the Seat, we found Dudingston Village, sandwiched between the park and a loch. It felt remote and removed, rather cut off, despite it resting within E'burgh's city limits.

I was glad to have done the short hike and stop in the village, as my day designated for country-side excursion was a flop: the bus company cancelled my chosen trip due to "lack of interest." While I would like to return someday to see the Highlands, etc., etc., etc., I was happy Euan had suggested it.

Skittles ("more Scottish than 10 pin") is very similar to Candlepin. The Sheep's Heid Inn's 2 lanes were manual set-up which added to its charm.

Bowling was a must: Xavier and I have been bowling in U.S., Canada, and Belgium. It would have been a shame not to have added Scotland to this list.

While we have fun at all games, Xavier is oddly competitive, and always victorious. So, I was pleased to take an early lead. But when we had an audience, he choked, and I trounced him!

The audience was a group of 5 English men in their 30s-50s, and one English woman in her early 30s who announced they were just looking. Based on the chatter I caught from a pair of guys (one of whom had gone to Tufts and seemed "in charge"), I gathering they were looking to film something there. I asked the woman if they were hoping to film something there, and she nervously answered "we're just looking." Hollywood types always get nervous that someone's going to steal their idea. Pft, get over it, and stop ruining our game.

Later, we were eating lunch at the inn's pub, as were they. Suddenly, the women starts roving the room, and kneeling down in front of our table and others to examine the flooring. So perhaps perspective buyers?—who cares, just stop "just looking" creepily, ruining our lunch.

No matter, it was a great time at the inn!

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