Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A world away

Everytime I go, Montréal amazes me. It's not so much doesn't feel European...distinctly Québécois.

It's a bit of a hike...more like 6 hours drive, including time at the border check. But the drive is so pretty...NH mountains, Vermont rolling hills, Québéc flat farm country.

After spending a week in Boston, I drove Xavier and Jeff up north—it was just too long since I'd left the country.

We got off to a late start, doing some laundry, packing a lunch, dropping Aggie off at Elena's, and then on to Sherman Cafe. Xavier had bonded with the staff and food at Sherman's...I think he was as sad to leave it as he was to leave Aggie!

Crawling our way through NH, we stopped in my home town for a snack and wine (none for me, driving) at my parents' house. And then a quick stop at the outlet mall for a bargain or two. Our next pitstop was St. Johnsbury VT. A charming little town, but kinda tough to get a decent cup of coffee. Listen up, Sherman.

At the border, we met THE FRIENDLIEST border guard. She joked around with us in French and English. She stamped Xavier and Jeff's passports, but not mine (not required). I knew I could clown with her, so I asked for a stamp, which she cheerfully provided.

That night, after some food and a nap, we went to a jazz bar (which I had coincidentally been to before, on my last trip to Montréal with Andy). Afterward, we walked through Le Village and stopped at a lesbian club for a drink. On the terrace was a straight couple, she providing a BJ to him, as if they weren't surrounded by 25 other patrons. Gross.

Playing pool, Xavier he won every other game we played during his trip.


Avery Bailie said...

I love Quebec, my Grandfather lives up in Lac-Saguay and I used to go up there all the time before you were required to have a passport. Beautiful part of the country, hope you ate pleanty of Poutine.

Tim Fish said...

HA! Get a passport!!! :-P
I've had poutine before, not a big fan. though I understand that Xavier had plenty after I left.

Avery Bailie said...

It's on my to do list, and how can you not be a fan of Poutine!?! It's only like the food of the gods!

SCARCEXL said...

I did NOT have plenty!!! I had one and frankly, wasn't impressed by it: the fries were so soft, spongy, surrounded by sauce. I was even a bit disgusted....
Seems the restaurant wasn't that good but Im' not sure it made any difference.

Tim Fish said...

X: HA! Ok, ok, I admit I wasn't there, and only was reporting on heresay. Let the record stand corrected, Xavier only SAMPLED the poutine.