Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm so comforble!

I tend to draw my racy sketches in my friend Adam's sketchbooks. The nastiest ones I sign with his name. And sometimes, I sign his best sketches with my name, so it all works out. :)

I'm told I don't draw enough women. Hence, the run of she-sketches lately (Janelle the hooker, the odd couple, now the bikini girl).

Maybe I will post some old drawings of my characters Arche-Lady, Mimi Chandler, and Simone.

Oh—that's Adam's note to himself that I sketched over, about the figure model.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Odd Couple

I was drawing a page of Cavalcade yesterday and was easily distracted. At one point, a film crew working on a 48-hour film project came into the coffee house to film a few shots. I had to sign a release because I might be an extra.

Before I got back to the page drawing, I noticed this couple, or perhaps they were just friends. One girl was super skinny, and her friend rather plump. The skinny girl was slightly less wide than one of her friend's cheeks.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a doll!

My friend Jared wants to make a Tim Fish doll. Here's a first draft of a design. This idea is a sewn & stuffed doll in the tradition of the Ugly Doll line. But it would have felt hair and felt sticky-out ears. Inked-on details for the face and under the removable shirt. We've discussed removable pants, as well. All still in the maybe zone, but it was very fun to imagine the project! Stay tuned for actual production!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Yolks

I recently made a flyer for the fun and insanely cute French band, the Yolks. Above is the process evolution: top is the thumbnail sketch of the concept I decided to pursue; the middle is the inked line art; third image is a draft of the flier (I got the date wrong, and ended up making some text bigger) after creating a background and adding text. I hadn't made a band flier in a long time, so it was fun to do again!
The boys are: Alex (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Arnaud (vocals, percussion), Franz (guitar, bass, vocals), Olivier (drums, glockenspiel, ukulele), Laurent (bass, guitar, ukulele)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hooker Brigrade

As I have frequently written, I sketch a lot during meetings at my MIT day job. I pay better attention if I sketch. Otherwise, my mind starts to shut down and I fall asleep. Recently, I found myself drawing something that skirts the line of "inappropriate." Enter Janelle, of the Hooker Brigrade. Don't know what got into me... and Janelle probably doesn't even look scabby enough to be a street walker.

But reminds me of another character of mine that I was actually developing a publishing pitch for. Maybe I'll find those sketches and post them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teen Titans '73

I've been doing a lot of super-hero sketching lately. A number have been Teen Titans. There was a publication gap from 1973-1976, and these sketches are meant to be from that era.

On this page you get Wondergirl, sexy cave-boy Gnaark, Lilith, the original Bat-Girl, Kid Flash, and some zombies for them to fight. Many fans hate this era, but I actually like it. There weren't super-villains, but they were always getting mixed up in strange goings-on. They were a bit more age-appropriate as well... not the 19 year olds going on 45 a la the 1980s incarnation. That was way too serious for my taste.

Plus, there was no hot cave-boy. I just loved it when Gnaark became super-smart in a short-lived attempt to make him a viable character. I've added to the post a drawing I did of Gnaark in 2002, in color. At the time, I was creating a lot of custom action figures, with packaging. This was the art for the packing... I never did make a Gnaark action figure though! He's wearing the standard-issue jumpsuits worn by some of the Titans of this era, except he's so buff, he can barely fit into it.

Convention Art

I do lots of commissioned art pieces @ comic conventions. Here are two from the past year, scanned by the purchasers and sent me. I ususally ask for this considering my bargain rates. :) Both of these are fan creations: the upper drawing is a demon-boy love thing, and the lower is a hero duo called "Dulcimer and Caterwal." I loved the fact that there was a hero with a chest logo of a stomped-on cat. Hilarious! I added the exposed leg hair to the upper thighs.

Shannen '92

I haven't posted anything in a while now... so hearing of the 90210 remake, I thought it would be fun/funny to haul out one of the few sketches I've made of actual real people. Long before I made the drawings of Candy Johnson and Jody McCrea posted here, I drew this gem of Shannen Doherty. She had appeared on a magazine cover, and I was sketching from it the night of the 1992 election results. I was in Seattle at the time, looking for work. It's a unique enough circumstance that the memory is still pretty vivid.