Monday, March 16, 2009

The story of 'Stemena'

Some weeks ago, I drew a new character in Adam's sketchbook. S/he has the head of an old lady, a buff man's body, giant butterfly wings, and a rose for a penis. Adam named this creation "Stemena" as he added a cinder block for one hand, a toaster for another, and broken eggshells for feet (thus Stamena must always be in flight or crush its feet further). Adam drew Stamena in my sketchbook (figure 3, though I inked the boy being pelted by the toast), and then I began adding to her back story (figures 1 and 2). Wealthy socialite finally acquires the musch sought-after mystical "diamond rose" and is unwittingly transformed into the mighty Stamena. Figure 4 shows us despite the horrific curse that the rose brings upon her (at an unknown interval), she refuses to part with it. The bold woman in the foreground is, I believe, some sort of rival for the rose. Here she has a look on her face suggesting "not if I can help it."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Annotated living room

I am part of "A Drawing Collective" that exists on Facebook. The latest assignment is to draw a room in our home. Thought it would be fun to annotate my drawing here. (1) my apartment is in fact this orderly... or at least my living room is... the kitchen is a mess. From upper left: (2) vintage mid-50s black-ocean globe, (3) Chynna Clugston page from Scooter Girl, (4) Peanuts books, (5) Bose iPod dock, (6) lava lamp, (7) another Scooter Girl page, (8) little TV and DVD player, (9) Corto Maltese book atop the trunk I bought to go away to college, (10) Bryan Lee O'Malley Scott Pilgrim page, (11) housewarming plant that Andy gave me 18 months ago—a miracle as I usually kill them within 3 months, (12) antique library card catalog drawers holding DVDs that my great-aunt found in the dump, (13) '30s Morris chair from my parents house, (14) barometer and hygrometer—gift from Rich since I always want to guage humidity, (15) large mirror covering large holes in the wall, (16) key rack with almost no keys on it, (17) '30s book case I had as a boy, (18) disposable rug available every fall at the grocery store for students moving in, (19) Aggie.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Northstar vs. Sentinel

Once, I was asked by Marvel to do a Northstar story. These are some of the sketches practicing Northstar. I've not been asked to complete any story, especially not a vs. Sentinel story. I'm sorry, it's not much of a story... certainly not worth all the anticipation built by my lack of notes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Burrito boy

I noticed a cute fellow waiting for the subway this morning, and he was eagerly eating a burrito. We ended up sitting across from one another, so I started to sketch first how he was holding the burrito, then the folds of cloth in his jacket and jeans. I was trying to note shadows, the shine of light on his shoes, and the salt stains on one of his pant legs. Then I very quickly drew his face as I neared my stop. He asked if he could see the sketch; I showed him and thanked him for being a willing subject. We'll leave it at that.