Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One or two?

Xavier and I were taking the T downtown to meet up with Jeff after his Sunday matinee of the ballet. Waiting in the station, we observed a loud-spoken older lady, with crutches, wearing a lot of black.

We were neither far nor close, and for the longest time we thought she had but one leg. Xavier was nonplussed by the uni-leg, as if he sees this thing all the time. He noted the crutches as if it was a natural conclusion to therefore have only one leg.

Sufficiently convinced, we went about our conversation until she shifted position, and revealed a second leg! Color us surprised.

I guess it was an optical illusion of all that black clothing, plus her position, plus our distance from her.

When Xavier said "oooo, she has two legs!" he seemed more surprised at the idea than her only having one.

I'm glad she has two, for her sake.

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SCARCEXL said...

You told the story so well. That's the first time I'm surprised at the sight of a two-legs woman! :p