Monday, May 23, 2011

Drawings inspired by other people's drawings: A Stranger's Tale

At our charming haunt in Angoulême, Ca Chaud, the party before us had left some random drawings on the table (like many place during the International B.D. Festival, the café encourages doodling on placemats, etc.).

Most were poorly drawn and without imagination, but this one page was pretty amazing. I believe it was a jam sketch. The drawing was bad to Ok, but the variety and composition really struck me.

So I gave it the ol' Tim Fish treatment. Indie witch carrying a basket of Easter eggs, a vampire-like diety, and little flying aliens. Nice.

Oh, Angoulême, how you torment me so. I was all set to NOT go this year, but Xavier and Jeff laughed that idea off. Now, of course I want to go again in 2012!

I'm always to see my friends there, love being at the festival, always inspired by the comics there. But there are so many other places I want to see, as well! And with no new book, it's a pricey annual jaunt. If only money and vacation time weren't an issue. Le sigh.

On the note of travel, Xavier asked about my travel sketch book idea...I'd still love to do it, but am not sure how wise it is to publish. And, I'd still like to get to Brazil and Argentina before I'd go to print...thoughts?


Nathan Kibler said...

The only unwise thing about publishing a travel sketchbook is to *not* do it. Your work always transcends its premise.

Tim Fish said...

thanks NK! I think the organization of the book has frightened me...chronological? area of the world?

since my ARCHE-LADY book is way off schedule (good reasons, details soon!), it'll give me time to get another trip or two under my belt...