Sunday, July 27, 2008

No. 12

I was looking for some drawings at the request of a fan looking to purchase some art. sadly, both pieces he was looking for were well integrated into my sketchbooks. But, what fun to discover the drawings I did 3 years ago of this Tomboy. I recall having ideas to do a comic with her, but like so many other projects, this sat idle.

Friday, July 25, 2008

with love

for the she-bitch from last night.

a study of Titan boys

Gearing up for a Titans fan's request, I have been sketching away, and you get to see a few. First, a standing around shot of Beast Boy, Golden Eagle, Gnaark, and Mal. Next, Robin finds a clue with Speedy and Lilith behind. Lastly, a thumbnail of a Titans beach party: Speedy tosses Kid Flash a frisbee while Gnaark noogies Robin and Golden Eagle is surfing (tough to see here). below is larger renderings of GE surfing and Speedy tossing the frisbee.

the range

My work's all fairly cartoony... rarely have I dipped into realistic or life drawing. Here's a sample range from my work from the top:
  • Straight up super-hero style Blockbuster (with Batman and Robin)
  • More Tim Fish-ized hero Cannonball from my story published by Marvel Comics
  • Classic Tim Fish cute boy
  • Stylized from my unfinished OGN
  • A hint of manga