Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr. Fate

Drew this for no particular reason, and ended up inking it. I think I was bored in some staff meeting or something.

It's DC's "Dr. Fate" and his wife Inza, and the Salem, Massachusetts tower they reside in. In the mid-late 40s (DC geeks can correct me here) suddenly he started wearing a half-helmet. It's the full helmet that transforms Kent Nelson to the doctor. I don't know if they ever explained the reason why he went to the half-helmet. Kent, in his own right can fly, is stronger than the typical man, and can cast simple spells. So during this period, he was merely posing as the doctor, and was much weaker. Just when the nation needed him most! Bummer!

Later, he mysteriously got his helmet back. I remember from all the JLA/JSA team-ups in the 70s and 80s when I first started reading comics, Dr. Fate's powers were visually represented by the Ahnk symbol (he'd shoot them out and they could do anything from trap villains to heal the Huntress' burns).

Today is SPX. If you're in the DC/Baltimore area, stop by the hotel bar, where I will be hanging around!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Boys of summer week: sickies

You may recall I have been suffering from chronic debilitating headaches for over a year now. I finally made an appointment with my doctor at MIT Medical; and he referred me to an environmental specialist (it is suspected the cause is environmental). A few days before the first day of classes, I met with the specialist. While waiting, I encountered several other patients, the most notable drawn here.

To the left, some teen boy with his mom. He had a cane and a wrapped up ankle. He was REALLY out of it, and was mumbling something about "generic oxycoton." I am guessing he seriously sprained or broke his ankle.

To the right, this buff guy with a little swish came in and the NP escorting him to whatever room they were going to asked him, but answered herself why was he here? "EKG. Take your shirt off." Lucky lady!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boys of summer week: NYC

I understand NYC is proportionally more gay than other places, say, small towns, or red places such as Tulsa. But ultimately, it's the sheer volume of PEOPLE that makes it a really, really gay place. Not only the number of people, but the fact that you see them everywhere (the streets, the subway, the parks) unlike a big city such as Los Angeles where people are more hidden in their cars and tiny houses with private yards.

So a trip to NYC in the dog days means the gays are out and about, half naked, and cruising for sex anywhere and everywhere.

This fellow sat diagonally away from me and Matt in an EV park. We took note perephorally, and in that manner, it was clear he was unnervingly staring us down.

Also, I was able to some quality brainstorming on a pitch! Yay, comics!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boys of summer week: buff & bald

This year, winter lasted long, spring was 99% rain, and then suddenly we were into the dog days.

Fortunately, such hot and humid weather grants permission to the many body-beautiful to show off anytime, anywhere.

On the left was walking along Hampshire near Inman with a friend of his. This route most likely makes him an MIT grad student. He was perfectly proportioned; well built, but not ripped or too big.

On the right was getting out of his red truck with Colorado plates on Summer, wearing a red sleeveless T, showing off his huge arms and perfectly sculpted shoulders. Fortunately, both were completely bald; it's kind of nice when a guy has some sort of flaw. Makes him more realistic.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boys of summer week: bicyclists

As I have explained many times, Boston is a bike friendly city, as far as U.S. cities go. Particularly from neighborhoods where subway access is spotty, you can see a daily stream of bicyclists commuting or recreating. Add nice weather to the mix, and you see even more, and less clothing covering such magnificent specimens as the fellow to the left.

To the left, I was approaching from behind, thinking it was a shapely gal, with her bob hairdo mashed down by her helmet. But, I was mistaken: it was a hip-y thin-armed fellow with a full beard. No breasts showing under the tight tank top, so I am fairly certain it wasn't a bearded lady.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Boys of summer week: p-whipped

With the passing of Labor Day and starting of school, many feel like summer is over, despite its official changeover date of September 21.

While still on the seasonal cusp, I figure it's a good time to recap summer with a boys of summer week!

First up, a tall skinny early 30s Dutch-looking guy showing his crack while planting some flowers with his very preggers Asian wife.

I like how in the drawing, I've obscured her face with the tree. Because really, I barely remember her. If she hadn't been pregs, I don't think I'd have noticed her at all. The cute husband, of course, is a different story.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Psylocke commission

I drew this commission some time ago, but with the work on "Trust/Truth" complete, I have some artistic free time and felt in a color-y mood.

I was a DC kid growing up; you can probably tell this because there are so many more "DC" entries here than "Marvel" ones. So it took me a while to get my hands around "Psylocke" but here we go. It was made clear to me that she should be a long-legged, small-breasted kick-ass bitch.

The only story I'd ever read with the character was before she was Asian. Yes, that's right, she started off as a English lady with purple hair and her power manisfested itself as a glowing butterfly.

The original line art has a lot of zip-a-tone directly on the 11x17 Bristol board, which doesn't show up so well scanned, colored, and shown here @ 3x5. But take my word for it, the line art looks pretty alright.

Before I delve into the long-awaited completion of my GN "Baby Makes Three" I have to produce some pitche art. No rest for the weary :-D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Strike one!

My office softball league (which I am not part of) has an unlimited at-bat. So you see some awful players swinging for upwards of 20 minutes. It's painful for all.

To continue the baseball metaphor in pitching projects to publishers, I've always felt comfortable with three strikes, and then I'm out til my next at bat. That way I don't inflect pain on the few professional contacts I have, as well as myself.

After Comic Con, I was inspired to think about pitches again, and was happy to find some editors who allowed me a turn at bat. Strike one (discussed here)! Strike two (will not be discussed)! Am still at bat on a third idea, swinging, fouling, etc.

Proposal one was to create a true-to-novel adaptation of one of my favorite novels, Wuthering Heights. The initial reaction was positive, but ultimately was a no-go.

I was REALLY bummed. It would have been so much fun for me to draw the cruel romance, cute guys in period clothing, and ghosts! Oh well.

But here's a page of sketching I had done in my excitement while waiting to go to failure. Stables-boy Heathcliff is so dark, mean, and hot. I should think about self publishing an adaptation.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wonder Woman Week: Wondergirl

Sorry for fizzling out on the "whole week" of WW; my day job and book production got in the way.

Long story short on Wondergirl: she originally appeared in the pages of WW's comic as simply WW as a girl (in non-continuity stories). The editors of the Teen Titans series was asleep at the wheel and made her a member (in continuity stories), creating a long history of trying to explain her existance.

My drawing is after Gil Kane's famous revamp of her in the early '70s. Her costume was a marvelous blend of practical (pants! no cleavage on display! low-heeled boots!) and impractical (magic lasso as her belt! necklace and medallion! and matching wrist bracelet—not pictured). I love the field of gold, silver, and black stars wrapping around her body.

I had drawn a similar one for a fan @ NYCC which turned out horribly, so I had to do it right. Looks like I need another silver star on her hip though.

I'll also use this when I re-make my packaging for my custom Mego Wondergirl. If you're not familiar with Mego action figures, or the fervor for customizing them, I really can't get into that here and now. It would probably require a whole blog devoted to it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wonder Woman Week: bullets and bracelets

Drew this @ Comic Con during a signing, which helps attract attention.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wonder Woman Week: transform

While I think the twirl-change from the TV show is great, this sketch is inspired by the way WW would transform herself in comics in the late 70s.

Looping her lasso around herself, or leaping through it would complete the transformation from Diana Prince to WW. I liked always seeing part of each outfit, as you can here.

Otherwise, the sketch is inspired by the 50s bathing beauty WW (original series #s101-104).

In the 40s, even with the bad art, WW had an in-style hair-do and a costume that said "I'm not going to stay at home and cook for you".

Just when she was feeling dated in the 50s, she began looking more and more like a bathing beauty. Starting with #84, and reaching a pinacle with #s 101-104, she looked quite nice.

But with #105, even with the same artist, she was instantly transformed into an ugly, stern prison matron, and remained so for most of the 60s. She was so far out of fashion for the period, it's fascinatingly ridiculous. I'd love to know the editorial decision behind that.

Sure, the de-powered mod WW from the late 60s isn't quite my scene, but at least it was a modern take on the character. And, I do love Mike Sekowsky!

Anyway, practice leaping through a lasso at home if you get tired of twirling.