Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hrm—Let's say "January Update"

Completing SBTB #2, thinking, that was fun, it probably won't repeat, I turned back to my own comics with the verve that New Year's brings. Over the next few weeks, I finished annotating THE COMPLETE (AND ANNOTATED) ARCHE-LADY VOLUME 1, all 556 pages! The series, more or less, from 1991-1996.

This is not complicated, but labor intensive. In 2011, I scanned (tedious) all 1000+ pages of the art from the series that I drew from 1991-2001. Then, I had to place and resize the files (tedious) from V1 into InDesign. Then, add my notes (fun!), and export (tedious).

So, 3/4 of the process is tedious x 556 for V1. I was about to turn to the annotation of V2 late January, when my SBTB editor contacted me and advance the work of my next assignment. I was glad it was going to happen, and sooner than expected! 

Here's the draft of the cover for V1. More soon—