Saturday, October 8, 2011

Romance week: Aries and Gemini

In this complex scene, Aries appears at a disadvantage against Gemini's inner confliction.

To the west, one of the twins longingly looks to other venues, quite apart from Aries.

To the east, the other twin's affection for the little lamb is rather overpowering.

The scene is full of duality: one twin focused solely on Aries, the other focused on all but; the skies are both heavy and gloomy as well as bright and cheery. Are Gemini's intense attentions squeezing the love OUT of Aries, or producing the love IN Aries?

TOMORROW: Aries and ?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Romance week: Aries and Pisces

In this moist scene, Pisces merrily flips above a water-logged Aries.

Pisces is chipper and cheerful in Aries company, while his companion struggles, unaccustomed to the aquatic playground.

Aries couldn't be described as drowning, but certainly having difficulties staying afloat. He was not born to tread water.

TOMORROW: Aries and Gemini

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Romance week: Aries and Scorpio

In this fierce and fiery scene, Aries and Scorpio are locked in eternal battle.

Scorpio, on the offensive, finds the thick wool a daunting obstacle to reach Aries' heart, and attacks his exposed head instead.

Aries, while on the defensive, proves to be quite skilled at the use of his horns, and is another unclaimed prize for the poisonous killer.

TOMORROW: Aries and Pisces

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Romance week: Aries and Libra

The scene at hand is a bit neutral, perhaps fitting for the scales of faceless Libra.

Here, Aries dozes as Libra weighs his worth against everything else Libra values.

We needn't be upset with this factual assessment by Libra, for Aries' slumber is not a nightly repose, but more the sleep of the mind and spirit.

TOMORROW: Aries and Scorpio

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Romance week: Aries and (a second) Capricorn

A bleak scene as a dark and heavy cloud hovers above Aries and a second, different, scragglier Capricorn.

Without levity, this Capricorn nervously and cautiously trails behind Aries. Aries goes about his day eating grass, as Capricorn pretends to do the same.

Perhaps they are both unaware of the tenuous situation, but both lack any apparent concern for the impending storm brewing overhead.

TOMORROW: Aries and Libra

Monday, October 3, 2011

Romance week: Aries and Capricorn

In this bright and cheerful scene, wide-eyed Aries knocks Capricorn off his feet while he seemingly minds his business, chewing the field grass.

The bright sun and smile on Aries' face suggests this is a playful clash, indicative of the pair.

Capricorn himself looks neither surprised nor hurt, confirming that this is a bit par for the course with Aries.

TOMORROW: Aries and (a second) Capricorn

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Femme Fatale

Welcome to October!

We finally have a bit of fall-like weather here in Boston. It's been unseasonably summer-like, right up through last weekend...which was Union Square's annual Fluff Fest.

Fluff, the story goes, was invented here in Somerville. For those of you who don't know what it is, Fluff can be described as a semi-liquid marshmallow, which has made me sick each time I've attempted eating it since I was a little boy. Once, I carried around a Fluffernutter (Fluff and peanut butter) sandwich around with me for hours, until I got the courage to throw it over the stone wall into the woods.

I digress.

The festival was lots of fun, despite the disgustingness of the food and particularly the Fluff-dropped-into-beer.

Adam and I had much fun, taking pictures of many interesting things and people. Including this gal, which I later sketched after Adam's photo reminded us she was worse than we remembered. No older than 15-ish, sat a group of girls, among whom was a compatriot not more than 5' tall, but an easy 250 lbs. Nearly round. But the bad part was the TIGHT lemon yellow tube top she wore which accentuated roll after roll of fat.

It was sad, but in this sketch I turn sad to glad, as she's portrayed as a signer, perhaps in a pop band. A true femme fatale!

Riffing on that, I drew her singing away, with a manipulative manager type creating his plans for her. Maybe the story will continue!