Monday, May 16, 2011

Ladies' Night

PREMISE: I notice, draw, and post, hot men "more than anything else" (ugly men, pretty or ugly women).
REALITY: Aside from fictional characters I draw; aside from drawing the people I know
(most of those drawings are of Adam, Matt, or women I work with); aside from my travel
sketches (which I draw men, women, scenery, and moments, all pretty equally), careful
analysis shows:

Ratio of men:women = 1.57:1

So, TRUE, I pay more attention to men than women, but not even double!
And, TRUE, the men I draw tend to be fit and handsome.

While my analysis proves to myself that overall it's not so one-sided, I
will make a better attempt at equality. To start this, I happily post some
sketches of ladies I've seen and drawn in the past months.

On the subway en route to South Station, I noticed these two ladies. One haggard
and hooker-ish, the other nicely put together but wasn't dealing with her receding
hairline very well...rather, accentuating it.

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SCARCEXL said...

May we have the ratio of ugly women / total women drawn now? :p