Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jam sketches

Another bad habit of mine is forcing my artwork onto other people's sketches. I've done that a few times to Monica's sketches; here I've added a body to a head Monica drew, and then added a boy for her to look at (we saw this tall cute guy with a weird jacket @ TCAF, so I drew him). Next, Adam was trying to draw a guy he saw @ a coffeehouse or something. I added the annoying girlfriend, (or "she-thing" as we call the GF of a hot guy). Any time we see the girlfriend of a hot guy we think should be gay, she is universally disliked. I do like my addition to the sketch though.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Rosheen Series

From time to time, during particularly painful business meetings at work, I draw downer art. Since I am often sitting next to my colleague Rosheen, I sign them by her and hang them in my office. Everyone knows who the real artist is, of course. The best part is when Rosheen gets riled up, her voice raises about 100 octaves... it's fun to do stuff like this to provoke her. My life doesn't suck, I know that. But we all have our maudlin moments. Even my acquaintance who vehemently claims not to have such moments is victim to his bouts of dramatic self-pity and sour grapes. The sketch here is a bit unique for me... it's in ball-point pen, which I rarely write with, to say nothing of drawing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Truth and Trust

Happy Armistice Day! Perhaps the best yet, for me—I finished my latest book! "Love is the Reason" is a bit late but should be on shelves early January. Barely finished creating the PDFs for the printer, I couldn't resist starting some work on the next book. Fish-philes recognize the pair to left from "Love is the Reason" as James Michael Chase and Terry as the same guys in my unfinished 2003 OGN (published in part on the Web). I couldn't resist coloring the image, and will likely use as part of my next book, "Truth and Trust." The book will be a collection—first, I will finish the aforementioned full-color OGN as the focus. Next will be the 2009 B&W newspaper strips. Instead of doing a serialized OGN for the paper, I will focus on snipets that form a short story each quarter. This book will include fan favorite Warren in "In Boys We Trust" and the much anticipated "Truth About Gordon." I'm not completely insane—I will be taking some time to rest and think; I haven't worked at this super-aggressive pace as I have been the past 3 months since maybe 4 years ago. I'm tired! I will, however, need to start drawing for the paper again in December.