Sunday, September 15, 2013

My foot is rubbish

I love fall! The weather is definitely my favorite, plus I get to mull my cider—yum. 

But, it's also a sad time of year, as I'm now halfway to being another year older. That's ok I guess, it definitely has its advantages. I have my act together better than ever, I'm more financial sound. 

It struck me a while back that I can no longer count the lines on my face. I've had the dang crow's feet since I was in university (Robert was horrified to hear that I made a conscious decision just out of school to show as little emotion as possible to minimize the lines...self-control botox ;) but the last few years haven't been good to me. Most particularly, the cry-fest of 2012. The bloom is most decidedly gone.

Far more importantly, I'm not rebounding from life's embarrassing displays as easily or quickly. Hence, my foot. The ball sprained, and the baby toe fractured. Yeow. After a few weeks of Advil, keeping it wrapped, elevated, I can walk pretty easily again. Not very far though, and not of great duration, without stabbing pain returning. 

Sure, this planted me on my folks' sofa for the better part of a long weekend, re-watching the 9th Doctor episodes of Doctor Who (lazy fun!) and reading a novel on my long to-read list (intellectual lazy fun!), it's also been a bit of a nightmare owning a big dog who looooves his walks. 

Fortunately, I can still be pretty active albeit relatively stationary. The foot didn't stop me from refinishing a single-drawer McCobb box, nor did it prevent the dog's bath. UNfortunately, I can also bike more easily than I can walk...which means my commute to work is no problem at all. 


Monday, September 9, 2013

Hair today

This young man caught my fancy, with his slutty-preppy look and really nice hair. I did not catch his fancy, sadly.

Truly, truly, truly outrageous coloring results

You'll recall mid-summer I posted my long-overdue take on Jem and the Holograms. Taking the easy way out of coloring, I invited my dear followers to submit their renditions for prizes!

I selected Ariel's for the top prize for making this really sparkly and sureal. I feel like this is what a real Jem concert must have been like! Well done, you'll get the original art piece of your choice...which I understand to be a bearish guy gazing romantically out the window at the starry skies. Dreamy!
I selected Matt's for the runner up and he impresses with his use of actual colored pencils. That's right, IRL pencil on paper. Looks like he spent the bulk of his time on Jem's hair (rightfully so!) which is stunning. Well done, you'll get the Tim Fish T of your choice, which I understand to be the underrated "Hippy Daisy" T.