Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alt Legion—the conversion of Ayla Ranzz

I can't stop thinking about alt versions of classic Legion tales, which would totally change the direction of certain characters. Yes, I admit it, fanfic. Here we have Dream Girl, Brainiac 5, and Mon-El...let's say curing Ayla of a deadly electrical fever—similar to the one Garth had during the great darkness saga—by evolving her powers to the light-based ones she had in the Alan Davis Legion. That would make her much more powerful, and Dream Girl far less duplicitous, and allow the reader to see her hold her own with Brainiac due to her knowledge of advanced Naltorian science. 

I'm not sure what the other one is, but Mon-El is stripped naked for examination. And on both pages, you get Lyle and Condo. Left, in Condo's space car he acquired in Action Comics #381, and the next, flying side-by-side utilizing Legion flight rings.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alt Legion—the end of Lyle Norg

I hadn't known of SECRET ORIGINS #47 (1989), featuring dead Legionnaires. I was able to get my hands on my copy to great disappointment! First, the art. I am a fan of Ty Templeton, but he and Chris Sprouse drew the characters like they were 25-40 years old...not 14-17. The script even says Condo is 14, so therefore Lyle couldn't have been more than 16 at that time?

Oh well...aside from the art, it was an interesting take on Condo and which I must discard as a post-CRISIS retcon, rather than an "untold story" of Silver Age canon. In the first 30+ years of the Legion's history, they had one continuity. In the past 25 years, they've had at least 3-5 reboots, new timelines, etc. etc. etc. I can't keep up. My ideas all swirl around pre-CRISIS Legion.

Long story short, in SUPERBOY #176 (1971), Invisible Kid's interaction with Chemical King is that of acquainted colleague and not that of intimate friend as the 1989 origin tale suggests (looks like they lived together, and Lyle got Condo in to the Legion Academy). Therefore, I ignore it. :-)

Above, alt sketches if Invisible Kid smashed Tharok's brain just 1 second sooner than he did in SUPERBOY #203, followed by being tormented by the demonic/ghostly Myla once he realizes that no, he isn't in love with her, he was just a little bonkers after his latest break-up with Condo.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Each year, my day job has a 2 day conference in January. It's usually pretty boring, but I get some good sketches in. This year, I won the individual award for excellence. Comes with a cash prize and it's not bad out of an office of 90 people to be selected. Yay!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Resolution: end my hypocrisy

Sounds serious, eh? 

It's been my general practice to not be a hypocrite. I generally succeed. Sometimes, I fail. 

In Oct 2011, my stance on comics hypocrisy was pointed out to me. After some reflection, I recognized it, but it helped me realign my actions with my truest feelings, and step away comics for a bit. 

A few months back, more potential hypocrisy was pointed out to me regarding people from my past. After some reflection, I decided no, the observation was not accurate...but that another observation—that was I was guilty about comparing myself to others (specific others) with negative effects—was spot on. It helped flush it out of my system.

So, after reading 2 pretty good articles about resolutions and being a better person* I decided to eliminate my final known spot of hypocrisy: using the stairs.

I use the stairs at work unless inappropriate (i.e., I need to talk to my boss on the way to a meeting). At home, I always take them down when solo, and the elevator with the dog. But, using the elevator to take the dog up 5 flights lulled me into taking the elevator more often then not solo. Which continued even after the dog became dead. 

And yet, I've always mildly criticized those who wish they could lose weight but don't take the stairs when they are able (e.g., their knees are fine). Hence, I vowed to take the stairs as much as possible moving forward. So far so good.

* the first article was basically "stop being so vapid" with tips like "don't check your phone during dinner with friends" and "don't take a gay cruise, get your fag friends to go camping." I agree with the sentiments of most, though I'm not exactly guilty of the flaws. I've lived by "improve your home" for years now, and certainly agree with it. And, a few months back I started living "don't compare yourself to others." The other, from was 6 harsh things you need to know to be a better person. Along the lines of "who you are on the inside doesn't mean anything, it's what you do and how you live your life. But, what you do and how you live spring directly from who you are on the inside, so it does matter in that way." Read it. It was great. I've learned new things and done things and have been value-added to others for many years now. And, even in my year from comics and drawing, I learned to refinish furniture and learned to use the table saw, router, chop saw, etc., while I was designing and building furniture. The Cracked article was stronger for me than the other thing, but both were good to put me as a person into perspective. 

Yay, new years!