Sunday, August 28, 2016

August, yuck

Didn't mean to leave you hanging! But here's August.

First, I'll remind you that summer is never good for me. I'm not sure if I simply "dislike summer" or if I suffer from SAD in summer (it's real!—go research it!).

Next, I'll say when all one has to worry about is minimizing strife and maximizing happiness, you really don't have a bad life. But when a bunch of rich white men fled the wealthiest nation in the world to become richer, they put some pretty awesome thoughts to paper, which we all want to be true.

To the point, I hurt my back! Actually, I hurt it in summer 2006, moving lots of boxes about at San Diego Comic Con. Ultimately not severe, but it did take weeks to regain full mobility. Since then, it doesn't take much to re-do whatever I did. But when I have, the recovery period isn't terribly long.

Until 7/31, when I was moving furniture about. Yeow, this was the worst since 2006! I couldn't do much at all, but slowly regained my mobility. During this time, I had lots of time to think, and no ability to do—always a bad combination for me.

About a year ago, I started to consider what I wanted to do with life next. I reconnected with old colleagues, career mentors, and talked, and listened. I spun around and around and arrived where I started. Either I can't do what I actually want, so I don't care what I do; or, I don't want to do anything. I mean, at all. Day job feels like a cop out; and whenever I over-invest emotionally there, I'm always miserable. Comics is a dead end; my moment has past and my sensibility is pas...not that I can even draw like I used to. 

I'm not being defeatist much either. I was in PT last summer for the pain I was experiencing drawing. I'm in PT again for the other back issues...which seem to have surfaced another issue, all caused from drawing. Perhaps these steps I'm taking will simply allow me to keep  pushing forward. But it all seems a bit pointless.

I'm told I'm having an existential crisis; or a mid-life crisis. Maybe I'll simply feel better once Fall arrives.

In the meantime, it turns out that thanks to syndication and cable, you can watch the entire Two Broke Girls run in a few weeks. I don't watch much TV, so this show was new to me, and hit me like a lightning bolt! Where did it come from? When did it happen?

At first, I thought, "This is vulgar. This is weak." Then I thought, "This is pretty much how my coworkers and I talk to one another." And, I do like the chemistry between the two main characters.

Anyway, I have some more serious thoughts mulling around in my head I may express soon...on racism, on sexism, on feminism, on the election. Let's see if I can pull something coherent together.

But for now, I need to find out if that cupcake business is ever going to take off. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 Progress

I made a lot of bold plans when traveling last November!

Once, maybe about 3/4 of my bold plans came to fruition, now I'm lucky if any do. Ever since I moved into the artist building—6 years ago!—my art production and motivation for art have plummeted. Oh well.

But here's what I've been up to since I made my bold plans:

To get back into the swing of things, I penciled and inked a gothic shortie written by Greg Lockard for our poison press presents anthology with Monica Gallagher. PLUS I concluded my 3 month eBay/CL sell-a-thon...lots of furniture, comic books, and knick-knackery sold! 

Penciled and inked Saved by the Bell V2 #4. This was a challenge: I was serving as an interim "senior director" at my day job since September...and to boot, I now had two vacancies on my regular team. So I had a vast amount of extra work, plus I was running two searches.

Penciled and inked Saved by the Bell V2 #5. By now I was drowning and had to ask my boss to take work off my plate, including one of the searches. Fortunately, the other search concluded successfully with a great hire.

Penciled and inked Saved by the Bell V2 #6. I was officially miserable, but kept pushing to hit my deadline despite March being my busiest month of my day job year, and the only time of year I have to travel for work.

Spent the month catching up on all the things I let slide at work for the past quarter. 

Caught up with all the personal things I let slide for the past 4 months.

Back to the drawing board, Greg and I reworked "Re-Infinity," and I penciled and inked the sci-fi entry for poison press presents. I love the way it turned out!

No art this month, though I did keep trying to rework the second half to Baby Makes Three. Frustrated with my progress, I turned back to furniture to refinish, and eBay/CL to sell off action figures I customized and more furniture, books, and miscellany.

Next post, I will talk about August. It's been not-good (that's me trying to be positive). For now, here's a sketch I did recently. Started off as random lines and became an aerial view of a city block.