Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I want to talk to you! Hear your story!

I want you to refer them to me!

When I first read about the annual festival dedicated to "gingers" (redheads), I thought it was fun and funny, and immediately wanted to go.

But my amusement turned to sadment as I read about the hate crimes perpetuated on redheads, from the Facebook group "Kick a Ginger Day" to actual murders in the UK.

While I myself am but a mild ginger, I started recalling some of the teasing (and later fetishizing) I've been on the receiving end of, as well as what I've witnessed of family and friends.
I would like to do something...my share to draw just a little attention to the notion of tolerance to anyone born a little different.

Whether it's stories of childhood teasing or bullying...to physical abuse or discrimination...I want to hear your story and maybe draw it for a mini comic. Anything we discuss will be held in the strictest of confidence!

If you're willing, please drop me an email to comment@timfishworks.com

In the meantime, visit:


or search for their Facebook group!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Variations on the same idea

I was brainstorming some new and old ideas in my head based on a sketch I had done a few years back (right) and one over the weekend (left). The two sketches represent 3 ideas using the at least the 3 characters shown in one form or another.