Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Strike one!

My office softball league (which I am not part of) has an unlimited at-bat. So you see some awful players swinging for upwards of 20 minutes. It's painful for all.

To continue the baseball metaphor in pitching projects to publishers, I've always felt comfortable with three strikes, and then I'm out til my next at bat. That way I don't inflect pain on the few professional contacts I have, as well as myself.

After Comic Con, I was inspired to think about pitches again, and was happy to find some editors who allowed me a turn at bat. Strike one (discussed here)! Strike two (will not be discussed)! Am still at bat on a third idea, swinging, fouling, etc.

Proposal one was to create a true-to-novel adaptation of one of my favorite novels, Wuthering Heights. The initial reaction was positive, but ultimately was a no-go.

I was REALLY bummed. It would have been so much fun for me to draw the cruel romance, cute guys in period clothing, and ghosts! Oh well.

But here's a page of sketching I had done in my excitement while waiting to go to failure. Stables-boy Heathcliff is so dark, mean, and hot. I should think about self publishing an adaptation.


SCARCEXL said...

Whaaat?! It would have been perfect for the Marvel Classic Adaptation line.
Portrait of Dorian Gray was very good-loonking, helas they tone out all the "adultstuff" and threw out all the homosexual references if you can believe that!!

Anonymous said...

I say screw them! I think it would be pretty incredible to have a collection of Tim Fish adaptations classic romance novels... go for it man!

Jean-Paul Jennequin said...

Yesss ! You're a natural for Wuthering Heights. I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, possibly, self publishing, or perhaps another publisher!