Friday, September 18, 2009

Boys of summer week: sickies

You may recall I have been suffering from chronic debilitating headaches for over a year now. I finally made an appointment with my doctor at MIT Medical; and he referred me to an environmental specialist (it is suspected the cause is environmental). A few days before the first day of classes, I met with the specialist. While waiting, I encountered several other patients, the most notable drawn here.

To the left, some teen boy with his mom. He had a cane and a wrapped up ankle. He was REALLY out of it, and was mumbling something about "generic oxycoton." I am guessing he seriously sprained or broke his ankle.

To the right, this buff guy with a little swish came in and the NP escorting him to whatever room they were going to asked him, but answered herself why was he here? "EKG. Take your shirt off." Lucky lady!

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SCARCEXL said...

That's one sick theme! :D Ahhh, really lucky lady....what a nice piece!