Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boys of summer week: bicyclists

As I have explained many times, Boston is a bike friendly city, as far as U.S. cities go. Particularly from neighborhoods where subway access is spotty, you can see a daily stream of bicyclists commuting or recreating. Add nice weather to the mix, and you see even more, and less clothing covering such magnificent specimens as the fellow to the left.

To the left, I was approaching from behind, thinking it was a shapely gal, with her bob hairdo mashed down by her helmet. But, I was mistaken: it was a hip-y thin-armed fellow with a full beard. No breasts showing under the tight tank top, so I am fairly certain it wasn't a bearded lady.


SCARCEXL said...

During one short moment, before reading your commentary, I believed that the guy was naked on the second drawing on the right and that the saddle was actually some pubic hair.... naked people on bike at Boston? :p

Tim Fish said...

haha... maybe during Pride!