Monday, February 16, 2009

Pretentious Euro-tour 2009

After a swell time at Angoulême last year, I had decided to exhibit this year. Without much arm-twisting, Xavier convinced me to spend time in Lyon before the festival. Perhaps with slightly more effort, Anders convinced me to stay in Stockholm before visiting Lyon. I sketched a journal entry every day, and over the next days, I will post the highlights of the sketches. My trip begins with a jaunt up to NH to deposit Aggie with my parents. It was so cold!—maybe -5 degrees F. The cold but fast-running Winnipesaukee River was so much warmer than the air, it was steaming near the old tressel. I drew that, but you only see a bit of the trees here. Also tough to see is the airport guy with the HUGE eyebrows. Instead, I focused my artistic efforts on the hottest guy on the flight from Iceland to Sweden. Dressy-casual, blond, intense blue eyes, scruffy, mild mullet. Yes, many mullets in Scandanavia. Also on the plane were LOTS of bears, all together. Must have been some sort of convention...

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