Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My time in Sweden was brief (4 days) and packed with tourism, social outings courtesy of Anders, and a presentation & signing at Hallongrottan book shop. Most of my sketches are quick, about the weather, or all the cute guys in Stockholm. Most aren't very detailed or interesting. I do plan to make a Tim Fish version of the 1919 painting at the modern art museum, "The Dying Dandy," which was described as a "possible comentary on homosexuality." For now, here is a sketch from the day I transfered from Stockholm to Lyon. On the left, a trio of guys on the flight, each with a distinct look: the first, tall, broad, cute, short spikey hair, full kissable lips, and total Ben Sherman ensemble. The second, boyish and the least cute, but with beautiful wavy-curly hair; the tallest of the three, and also the thinnest, with tight jeans to accentuate the fact. The third, the best looking, blond, thick Poindexter glasses, snug Levi's denim jacket with mutton lining, tight brown pants and redneck boots. On the right, the cats of my friend in Lyon, Xavier. Duncan, a very large cat, who likes to sleep on Xavier's '80s computer monitor (which was frightening to see this behemoth crawl up there!) and sweet and fluffy Cassie. Both were friendly cats, which was nice.

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Xavier said...

You forgotthe essential: Duncanisa mutant with two tails! that's why he is persecuted by everyone! Professor Xavier was right!