Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Angoulême

The Saturday of the festival really begins spilling over from the night before, with the inaugural gay-drinks-gathering at Cafe Chaud. I had been chatting up Yann, and throughout our conversation, little notes and sketches were passed back and forth. He explains "Yann" is another variation of "Jean" and "John" and showed me his drawing skills with a little hedgehog. I then drew one for him. The next day, clearly hung over. You also get to see a draft of a Psylocke drawing I've been commissioned to draw. Xavier was helping me (as I am not so familiar with the character, except for ages ago, when her telepathy floated around as a butterfly). I was drawing big hair, and he would say "flatter." I reduced twice until he said, "it's like she has spaghetti on her head." He thought the flatness you see here works. He recommended I draw her "very slutty." "Slutty" and "nightmare" are two of Xavier's favorite words.


Jean-Paul Jennequin said...

I'm learning more stuff about Xavier here than on his blog. This gives new meaning to the verb "to dish".


Anonymous said...

My hedgehog on your blog ! It's the beginning of my future drawer carrier !