Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not a morning person

Xavier had to spend the night at the hotel he works at, so after we ate dinner there and I drew him an "Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld" I went back to his place for a nice night of sleep (I had been up since 4 AM to transfer from Stockholm to Lyon). His little cat Cassie slept near me, which was sweet. I was awoken in the morning when Xavier came home and was making some tea. I crawled out of bed to say hello, and I was greeted with a chipper, "You are not a morning person!" I then eased into the gloomy day and decided to shop in the dry comfort of Celio. Suddenly, the sun came out, and I hoofed my way around the center city and up the hills of Lyon with my purchases before the rain returned. That night, Xavier took me to the bear bar, Station B. I'm not so into the bear scene myself, so Xavier accused me of only liking children. But I did think his friend François was cute and maybe he could be described as a mild bear or maybe mild otter. We all ate a traditional Lyonnaise restaurant. Since I don't eat red meat, they steered me from that, but when I asked what exactly I was eating, François explained, "it's usually best not to know."

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Xavier said...

I can be so mean in the morning. :p
Those were very enjoyable days in your company. Cheers.