Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cute French Librarian

While I had work to do for my day job while I was in NYC (after NY Comic Con) I also had some free time on my hands. I tried to go to the Whitney, but instead ended up at the Frick. I hung out with friends, and a got some drawing in. In France, I met a very sweet Librarian, and we pal'd around together a bit (I'll leave it at that!). But, I never did get a photo of us together. We ended up connected on Facebook, and I was able to see a few pics and then drew this. I am not very good at drawing actual people, but he liked it anyway. I've also had to draw some real people as assignments from the drawing collective I am in (we post our assignments to Facebook).


Anonymous said...

What do hot French librarians do to pal around? patrick

Anonymous said...

Just have a beer, talk about him and Tim and bring pastries !
And yeah, I like this drawing ! Thanks again Tim !