Saturday, February 21, 2009

Angoulême Festival

The festival days blur together a bit for me. But I drew the little sketch on the left for Jean Paul, and asked that he scan it for me. He has a thing for older, hairier guys, so I did my best. He came up with an intriguing little backstory for the character... definitely sounds worth pursuing! I am glad Jean Paul emailed me the scan... I liked this little sketch, which I did with blue pencil and a brush pen. The next sketch is definitely from day 2, a great sunny day! Our booth was near the clear plastic "sunroof" of the festival tent we were set up in, so I monitored what the sun was like throughout the day... chronicled the bit of shopping I did, and some of the interesting festival-goers (the "freaky frenchman" was real... I couldn't make up an outfit like that...). At the end of day 2 (1/31) was the inaugural "LGBT roundtable" which I was very proud to be part of. There was a great attendance, and lively discussion. Of course, my French is so bad, I mostly tried to look interested when I could no longer understand. Afterward, we had the inaugural gay gathering at a pub. Maybe about 25 people for that... and a really fun evening overall! More tomorrow. Oh—I surprised some native Frenchies with the fact that Pelforth Brune is a French beer.


Xavier said...

And that's also the beginning of the "french guys with freaky too small/big head" time! :p
Nothing about neighbours trying to invade your space? :p

Tim Fish said...

Well... the sketch depicting the space-invasion wasn't all that great, so I left it out. It's funny, I was so irritated on Thursday, the whole day is pretty much blocked out. Fri-Sat-Sun was so much better! :)