Saturday, January 17, 2009


Some time ago, I vowed to stop sweating the small stuff. More recently, I vowed to stop sweating the big stuff, too. Things always work out, and we just need to make the most of our daily lives. However, with all the financial news and layoffs, and office-political wranglings, so many of my colleagues are sweating everything—big and small. The small things perhaps more than the big. Stress can do that to people. As for me, I've tried to go about my business carefree, but my colleagues are starting to wear on me, and I hate the feeling of disappointment.

Ever since we moved office locations, and I went from a fun, quirky, office with window (in which I took advantage of natural light) to a corporate, big-brother-esque office with no window (in which I rely on flourescent lighting) I leave work daily with a headache. In the old location, it would only be once a week. Now, seriously, daily. Mid-week, it was 1000x worse than usual, and I was trapped in a horrific meeting. During the meeting, I really triued to capture my pain. Not sure I caught it. I left work @ 4:30 and thought I would vomit en route home, the pain was that intense. But I didn't.

I am REALLY glad to be leaving on vacation for 2 weeks!!!

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