Friday, February 20, 2009

a Paris

My last night in Lyon was solo again. I had intended to find a jazz bar, but "sleep" won out. The next morning, despite having ample food and water, the cats were meowing like crazy. Apparently they wanted *fresh* food. Xavier finally came home and frantically packed, and we headed to the train station via the printer. On the platform, Xavier caught me looking at a fellow (as he did often); though he was in error as to which guy. He thought it was what he described as an awful looking guy (but it was another standing near him). Since the guy was far from awful (tall, blond, blue-eyed, Swedish-looking), I dubbed him as Xavier's ideal man in my sketchbook. The next day, I depicted myself as an angel, as I passed by an opportunity to be very naughty. Despite this, karma allowed me to step in some dog-doo. Later that day I hauled all my heavy convention stuff from La Defense to Gare Montparnasse. This inked drawing has become the iconic-me in my mind, and will get lots of use.


Ours said...

Xavier's swedish boyfriend ?
Swedish ?
boyfriend ?
Xavier ?
OK... I must be blonde, now...
Even if my hairs are long gone...
Pshhh, Tim, tell me all the others bad things Xav did in Angoulême :p

Tim Fish said...

ha ha... he was an angel and resisted the most persistant pursuer! nothing to worry about! and you should know about his distaste for young blonds by now! :D