Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pleasure bent again

I managed to get in lots of sketching while stuck in Paris, Dublin, and Shannon airports. On the left is a tree of knowledge, with the thoughts of a cute French librarian reading beneath a tree. Funny how when you have literally hours to kill in an uncomfortable chair, how many leaves you don't mind drawing. Almost immediately on arriving home, I turned around to get to NYC for the NY Comic Con and a week of MIT business, pleasure bent again. Here, poor Ags greets me after my alarm goes off at 4:30 AM in order for me to catch my train. I was intrigued by a week in NYC (while I've been many many times, I don't think for a whole week before!), but also completely not in the mood to be leaving home so soon. And ol' Ags was REALLY mad when I left! She's generally not a barker, but she was barking up a storm as I snuck out at 5:15 while she was eating her breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Very upset and touched by this drawing... I send you a mail.