Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whose baby are you?

The lyrics from the Batgirl theme song, as I recall them:
Batgirrrrrl, Batgirl! / Yeaaaaah, Batgirl! / Are you a chick who fell in from outerspace? / Or are you real with a tender warm embrace? / Yeaaaaah, Batgirl! / Whose baby are you?—Batgirl!
As I mentioned, one of the originals I drew at the fesitival in France was a Yvonne Craig/Batman TV show style Batgirl. I couldn't scan it (sold the original), but I was able to take a photo. Image on the left (while a bit dark) shows a bit of the blue line pencil. Image on the left is imperfectly cleaned up and colored. I'm not the best colorist, and didn't feel like investing too much time on this since it was from a photo. So you don't get a sense of how satin-y her cape it. But, I did apply the "noise" filter to her body suit... as the one Yvonne wore on the show was kind of sparkly.
I was referencing to Xavier and Jeff what the costume was like, they were disturbed that it was purple and gold. I was shocked they'd neither seen it nor the TV show! I insisted Jeff to use his phone to find internet pics of Yvonne in costume. He did, and immediately he and Xavier were wild about the costume. It does look pretty cool in pictures...
Then @ NY Comic Con, this woman (with a decent build) was wearing an AMAZINGLY professional-looking TV style Batgirl costume. I mean, every detail. I can't remember if Tall Tim was able to get a photo or not.


Anonymous said...

And the rest of the lyrics... "Batgirl/Batgirl/Batgirl/Batgirl/Where do you come from?/Where are going to?/What is your secret, baby?/We Just Got To Know"

Thank you very much, Mr. Fish! patrick

Anonymous said...

Tall Tim did. You can see it along with several other pics here:

Anonymous said...

Fun little interview you did at NYC comic-con! has anyone ever told you that you have a very sexy voice.

Tim talks comics at the NYCC