Friday, February 27, 2009


Though I was tired and eager to be home, I was also happy to be in NYC, and was able to see many of my pals there during NY Comic Con and throughout the week. I asked Goo-Goo to be my personal shopper, which he was very excited about. But generally, his ambition runs low, and when it comes to shopping, my ambition always runs low. We made it to one store, didn't try anything on, and didn't buy anything. We then went to dinner with wine, and then drinks. Since I am not a big drinker, it wasn't long before I was fairly tipsy. Add to that my big brother little brother relationship I have with Goo-Goo, I caught myself giving all kinds of unsolicited advice! Ultimately, I had a little out-of-body experience: I could hear myself droning on, but really had no idea what I was saying, and was definitely seeing double. And poor Goo-Goo was clearly a bit bored or beaten down from my time on the soapbox. Time to leave the bar, eh?

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