Saturday, June 18, 2022

Procreate and Project Progress

I've made a lot of progress since my last post! At that time, I was about to draw pages 6-10 all digital. Not only did I do that, but I drew pages 11-25.Again, thanks to Monica who gave me the tone and pattern brushes she loves to use. They are really fun!

Basic color work for the upcoming project.

For this project, I think I have my drawing style "down" and working well in Procreate. So, I was happy to have (essentially) Act I drawn, so I ended up lettering it as well, so I could have the PDF as reference while I'm at Oxford next month.

But since I was still waiting for feedback on my thesis draft from my second and third readers, I cracked open Procreate again again and started practicing coloring. I flatted pages 1-25 while I determined my color style with the help of Monica and Christophe. Then I finished colors.

Though I received feedback from my second reader early, still waiting on the third reader. So I tackled the story's preface. I had written a 5-page story, and pencilled and inked 3 pages of it, back in 2011 for a publisher. But the project fell through before I finished it. With some minor edits, I decided it will work nicely as the preface to this new project. I colored said three pages, and drew and colored from scratch on Procreate the other two. 

Love the tone and pattern brushes.
So basically, I exceeded my pre-Oxford goals:

  • Draft the OGN chapter breakdowns--DONE
  • Write chapters one through three--DONE--PLUS four, five, and the preface
  • Draw chapters one through three--DONE--PLUS four, five, and the preface

PLUS--colored preface, chapters one through five.

PLUS--lettered preface, chapters one through five.

Which sets me up nicely to meet my during-Oxford goals:

  • Edit OGN chapter breakdowns
  • Write short story version
  • Edit chapters one through five of the comic if needed
  • Write more comic chapters
But for now, this amazingly fun (for me) experiment will be shelved as I turn back to my thesis for the next month. Then it's off to Oxford.


Alex said...

Hi Tim! I'm so glad I found your blog!
I've got all your Calvacade books and Strugglers, Trust/Truth from Northwest press. Will you be publishing more with them?
I am looking forward to get Liebestrasse (I have to sort out some issues with my Comixology account first).

I've read your whole blog (not too stalker-ish, am I?) and I've really enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed the travel sketches, they are all great!
You have got yourself a new follower!

Tim Fish said...

Thanks Alex! No immediate plans with NWP. We've moved the catalog to ComiXology... also there is a collection of gay romance short stories "On the Romance Road" and "Baby Makes Three." And "Liebestrasse" of course... digital and now in print, yay!