Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Vienna!

The day of my signing, I heard from Betram—he couldn't make it! So, we met for a delightful coffee at the theatre/coffeebar Top Kino. Knowing they have an extensive menu, I asked the server for a recommendation. During the signing, I drew her reaction for the collection of one of the attendees.

While she was a little harsh, she warmed up and was really nice and charming. I get that culturally, she would have found it presumptuous to recommend something to me. 

I always hated recommending films when I worked at the video store, so I also get the vibe that you don't want to be responsible for a choice not to the person's liking.

So, I had a capuccino. It was good.
I never did get to have schnitzel with Bertram, which is fine on one hand, as I don't eat beef. But the way he invited me was super-cute.

It was also super-cute that his Italian Greyhound was named Leopold. They have a classic boy-dog relationship.

But I had to dash to get back to my apartment and grab my things for the signing later that afternoon.

The morning walk w/Xavier, the meet-up with Bertram & Leopold, the coffee, the signing, the dinner...made this one of the banner days of the trip!

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